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How To Hold Your Guitar Pick - Beginners Guide To Guitar Episode 4


So many students do not want to use a pick when they first start playing guitar. Unless you are studying classical guitar, we cannot stress how important it is to use a pick. Playing notes individually and clean is one of the first lessons you will learn, and using a pick will make this much easier for you and make your notes sounds much better!

Make sure to grip your pick in the middle so that only a small amount is sticking out and most of the plastic is in your hands in a tight grip.

To practice your pick control, try picking one string at a time all the way down and then back up again. You can practice this with open notes or on a chord. Just focus on your hand and pick placement and your control. Before you know it, you will be able to find those notes without even looking!

Jack Mitchell, owner and music director of The Music Depot in Ontario, Canada has been teaching music for over 37 years. He has owned The Music Depot for 25 years, and has seen it all when it comes to reasons why students have troubles when they first start learning to play guitar. Follow this seven part series and overcome each challenge as you go.

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