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Knowing Your Guitar Parts - Beginners Guitar To Guitar Episode 5


Knowing what your talking about when it comes to guitar parts will be a huge help to you if you ever need to get any repairs done in the future. Every guitar player should know what is what on their instrument.

Acoustic and electric guitars are slighting different and have different parts. Both kinds of guitars both have bodies, necks and heads, sort of like a person! Acoustic guitars have machine heads to tune your guitar, strings, a nut, frets, a heel, bridge, a tailpiece and the pegs that hold your strings in place.

Electric guitars are very similar to the acoustic, but the bridge is slightly different because it is adjustable for the intonation of the guitar. They also have pick ups and sometimes a pickup selector to chose which pickup to use. Electric guitar also have volume and tone knobs.

Jack Mitchell, owner and music director of The Music Depot in Ontario, Canada has been teaching music for over 37 years. He has owned The Music Depot for 25 years, and has seen it all when it comes to reasons why students have troubles when they first start learning to play guitar. Follow this seven part series and overcome each challenge as you go.

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Episode 5 - Knowing your Guitar Parts

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