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Learn your Open Strings - Beginners Guide to Guitar Episode 7


A common misconception about guitar strings is that closest string to your face and that is actually backwards. The closest string to your face is actually the sixth string. If you look at it from the bottom up, the strings run six through one. Your first string is the smallest and your sixth string being the biggest.

Trying to remember the string names is the best place to start when learning how to play guitar. There are a lot of little sayings to help you remember, but our favorite is "Eddie Ate Dynamite, Good Bye Eddie". Easy and funny!

So practice this from the biggest string down:

E - Eddie
A - Ate
D - Dynamite
G - Good
B - Bye
E - Eddie

Jack Mitchell, owner and music director of The Music Depot in Ontario, Canada has been teaching music for over 37 years. He has owned The Music Depot for 25 years, and has seen it all when it comes to reasons why students have troubles when they first start learning to play guitar. Follow this seven part series and overcome each challenge as you go.

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