Music Depot`s "Modern Oldies" show premiered at Canada's Wonderland – The Music Depot

Music Depot`s "Modern Oldies" show premiered at Canada's Wonderland


After months of rehearsals, The Music Depot is ready to take their "Modern Oldies" show on the road! 
The show premiered this past Friday at Canada's Wonderland Festival of Music, showcasing three performance teams rocking out to classic songs from the 40's, 50's and 60's with a modern and upbeat twist. With two full bands and one vocal team, "Modern Oldies" has a wide variety of tunes, with tributes to artists like The Andrew Sisters, The Shangri-Las and Elvis Presley, all with a unique and modern flair!
The Canada's Wonderland Festival of Music adjudicator had nothing but amazing things to say about the three groups. Tightness of harmonies, great stage performance and talented "virtuoso" musicians were mentioned numerous times through the three performances! 
The "Modern Oldies" show will be hitting the stage this Summer at various festivals and events throughout the Niagara Region.



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