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Parents Invited to Join Students on Stage for FamJam 2018

For the past nine years, The Music Depot has been offering our students the opportunity to join a band and perform on stage at four big events a year through our Concert Class Program. Throughout the years we have seen an incredible amount of support and dedication not only from our students in this program, but also from their parents. 
For the first time, The Music Depot is inviting all Concert Class students to bring a parent to join their band! Parents and students will work together for 10 weeks to become a band, put together a set list and stage show to perform at H.H. Knoll Park in Port Colborne for Fam Jam 2018 on Sunday September 30th. 
The goal is to bring kids and their parents together through music! Not only will they have to perform together, but they will also have to work closely to choose their songs, their band name, their stage attire and any other fun additions they want to include in their stage show. As always, we implement a musical theme to assist in song choices, and this classes theme will be "parents choice!". Of course, everyone in the band needs to agree on chosen songs, but the parents will have the upper hand in bringing the songs to the table!
The program will begin the week of July 9th and run until the concert on September 30th, with a two week break in the middle between August 24 - September 9th. This program is first come first serve, with limited spaces available. It is not mandatory for students to bring a parent into the class, but it is encouraged!

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