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Teacher Highlight - Aaron Guthridge

Teacher Highlight - Aaron Guthridge
Aaron has been teaching at The Music Depot for almost 10 years. He is a multi-talented musician, teaching guitar, bass, drums and ukulele, but his main specialty is making his students laugh during lessons! Learn more about Aaron below. If you are interested in booking an online lesson with him, go to
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AKA - A-A-Ron

Position: Guitar, Drum, Bass, Ukulele Teacher

Rockin’ It Since - 1988 (from birth...destroying drum kits and taking names since I was a babeh)

Fav Music - While I appreciate and can be found listening to mostly any kind of music at some point or another, my go to is always European Neoclassical Metal

Background - Started playing the piano; taking lessons from my grandma (a teacher of over 50 years) around the age of 3, drums at age 13, 4 years of theory and guidance from the great Jimmy DiMartle, bass guitar at 15 and guitar at 16. Went to college at Fanshawe for Music Industry Arts, came back and started teaching music! While teaching I've taken a few accordian lessons, brief period of Opera lessons and taught myself Ukulele. Been in multiple bands playing all over. Currently playing drums for 1 and piano for 2. As well, writing and recording my own music on multiple projects.

Getting Personal - I prefer instrumental music over lyrical.

Quote of the Day - "Music....can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable" - Leonard Bernstein

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