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The Importance of Guitar Maintenance for Music Students

How many guitar students have quit music lessons because their fingers hurt, their guitar won't stay in tune or it just doesn't sound right? Maintaining your guitar is just as important, if not more so for music students then it is for professional musicians.
Whether you play electric, acoustic (or ukulele, violin or any other instrument with strings) regular maintenance will make it easier on your fingers, produce a better sound and prolong the lifespan of your instrument. 
At The Music Depot, we have been professionally taking care of our students and local musicians for over 20 years. We have seen beautiful guitars that come in every year for their annual set up, guitars that have been hiding in the attic for 50 years and guitars that come to us in pieces. If we can give any advice to music students, it is to always make sure that your instrument is professionally gone over at least once a year to keep your it playing and sounding at it's best.
Here are some things you can do at home on a regular basis to keep your guitar in tip top condition in between set up's:
  • Clean and polish the top, sides and back of your guitar using a guitar polish or a high quality furniture polish.
  • Wipe down the neck of the guitar with a dry cloth after playing. This will eliminate dirt, oils and grim from building up and prolong the life of your strings.
  • Guitars need a cool and dry environment. Extreme heat and cold can damage the finish, inlays, binding and neck. Keep this in mind when deciding where to keep your guitar in between playing or when you take it to music lessons or a performance. Leaving it in the car for hours before or after may cause unnecessary results. 
  • A guitar's biggest enemy is humidity. To protect it from it's enemy, make sure to keep your guitar in a case when not in use. If you keep your guitar on a stand or wall hanger, that is great, but if you aren't playing it often, leave it in the case in a cool, dry place. 
  • Buy a guitar stand. Never lean your instrument up against a wall or your amp. One simple bump and your guitar can go crashing to the ground knocking the head stock off. Always make sure that your guitar is properly put in a stand! 
  • Play your guitar! The best way to keep your guitar at it's best it to give it the attention that it deserves.
  • At least once a year, bring your guitar to a professional for a complete look over and set up. No matter how well you take care of it, adjustments will have to be made to the truss rod, intonation and the bridge. 
For more information on bringing your guitar into The Music Depot for a professional set up and inspection, go to our Repairs Page

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