The Music Depot thanks contributing sponsors for concert

The Music Depot thanks contributing sponsors for concert

The generosity of our local business community in Niagara has been overwhelming this year as we looked for partners to sponsor our upcoming concert event, "A Lesson in Classic Rock". 
Every year we are able to offer our students the amazing opportunity to perform at the Seneca Queen Theatre, a beautiful and historic venue in the heart of Niagara Falls. Here, our students are given the opportunity to perform on a "real" stage, with a full lighting, audio, and video production to make them feel like rock stars! In order to give our students this amazing chance to take the stage just like their favourite musicians, we turn to businesses in our community to support our event.


The concert is a part of our band program, which gives students at The Music Depot the chance to work together in a band. They are given 10 weeks to prepare for a large concert event hosted by The Music Depot, which have included events like concert and camping trips,  festivals in the park, and the annual theatre show.


This year, we have been astonished by the amount of amazing contributions that were made to our event. So thank you to all of our sponsors who helped us achieve this amazing goal.

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