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2020 Online Music Lesson Policy

Payment for music lessons must be made in advance of all music lessons via email transfer to or through our online student portal. If music lessons are not paid for before the lesson, they will not be scheduled and therefore the student’s time slot will not be reserved. To avoid losing your time slot, make sure to make payment on your account before the next scheduled music lesson. We do understand that sometimes life doesn’t always go as planned. If a student needs to make payment arrangements, please contact Morgan Mitchell at

The Music Depot offers make up lessons for non-emergency cancellations made with 24 hours' notice of the scheduled music lesson. Non-emergencies include vacations, pre-planned medical appointments, family events, parties, sports events, lack of babysitter or anything that is not designated as "emergency" (see below).
The scheduled music lesson must be cancelled no later than 24 hours before the lesson or will be considered a no show. If the student is marked as a no show, the lesson payment will be owed and the lesson will not be rescheduled.

Emergency cancellations are accepted only for illness, illness of a family member or death in the family. Lessons cancelled due to emergencies will be rescheduled when time allows.

We will offer make-up lessons for cancellations made 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson or emergency cancellations. Make-up lessons are not offered when there is a violation of the cancellation policy. For example, if you are charged for a no-show, we will not make up that lesson.
Scheduling make up lessons is the student’s responsibility. Make up lessons do not expire and are kept on account until they are made up.

If you plan on discontinuing lessons for any reason, you must give us two weeks' notice or you will be billed for the missed lessons.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Morgan Mitchell at or contact us below.