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Performance Teams


Introducing our newest Performance Team Show FOR 2020!



What are Performance Teams at The Music Depot? 

The Performance Team Program at The Music Depot is a free program available to our dedicated music students interested in taking their talents out of the classroom and into the community. The program is a one year commitment and teaches our students how to become entertainers at various festivals and events throughout the year.

 Our past Performance Team show, Modern Oldies, performed on many stages including Disney World in August 2019. This program proves to take our students to the next level, offering many exciting opportunities for performances including a group trip at the end of the program. 


Modern Oldies Performance Team at Disney August 2019


How to get on a Performance Team 

The Performance Team program is a free program for students that have gained performance experience through our concert class program at The Music Depot. Students must have taken at least one concert class to be eligible for the Performance team program and must be enrolled in private lessons with all accounts in good standings. 

When a new program opens in September, students will have the opportunity to submit an audition video to showcase their talents and explain why they would like to join a Performance Team. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Morgan at or call our studios



What do the Performance Teams Do?

Students are put onto individual teams (bands) and rehearse once a week for an hour in our Port Colborne studio. Rehearsals will begin in October where students will create their show and work on their stage performance. Once the show is created, they will take the stage at festivals and events throughout the community.

Exciting opportunities like recording, making music videos, photo shoots and radio performances are all a part of the program at The Music Depot, offering a real life band experience. The program ends with a large trip to perform on a huge stage in August and fundraising for these trips is also a part of the program. 



Are you ready for a Performance Team? 

This program is not for all students! It is a program that demands full dedication and time. Students must bring their very best to all rehearsals and performances and commit to various shows and extra practices on weekends. 

To get ready for joining a performance team, we suggest students start by hitting the stage at our monthly Open Jam nights. This will get students used to performing in front of a crowd and working with others on stage.

The next step is to join a concert class at The Music Depot. It is mandatory for students to join a concert class before auditioning for Performance Team as it is where students really learn how to work within band setting and learn to understand band etiquette. 

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Morgan at or call our studios