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Meet the Music Depot Staff

Everyone at The Music Depot has one goal in common, to create knowledgeable and confident musicians! The teachers and staff at The Music Depot Online are a crazy bunch, but we are all passionate about music and our students! 



Name- Jack Mitchell
AKA - Ummm, none that I know of!
Title - Owner / Music Director / Guitar, Bass, Songwriting Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - 1979
Fav Music - Good music. I don't really care for that bad stuff.
Background - Started playing guitar in 1979 and was teaching by 1982. In 1994, I opened the Music Depot after realizing that students needed a more customized and fun environment to learn music. The rest is history. Music is my career, passion and hobby!
Getting Personal - I love sunny days and puppies. 
Quote of the Day - Everything works if you let it!

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Name - Ann Brillon 
AKA - Annie
Position - Vocal Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - I was 5
Fav Music - anything that moves me!!
Background - It's all about experience! Been performing live since before I can remember!
Bands: Gatorbait, Turnaround, Max Hillier Band, Ann Singer Band
Getting Personal - I love reading and oatmeal
Quote of the Day - Everything will be better than you think! 




Name - Aaron Guthridge
AKA - A-A-Ron
Position: Guitar, Drum, Bass, Ukulele Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - 1988 (from birth...destroying drum kits and taking names since I was a babeh)
Fav Music - While I appreciate and can be found listening to mostly any kind of music at some point or another, my go to is always European Neoclassical Metal
Background - Started playing the piano; taking lessons from my grandma (a teacher of over 50 years) around the age of 3, drums at age 13, 4 years of theory and guidance from the great Jimmy DiMartle, bass guitar at 15 and guitar at 16. Went to college at Fanshawe for Music Industry Arts, came back and started teaching music! While teaching I've taken a few Accordian lessons, brief period of Opera lessons and taught myself Ukulele. Been in multiple bands playing all over. Currently playing drums for 1 and piano for 2. As well, writing and recording my own music on multiple projects. 
Getting Personal - I prefer instrumental music over lyrical.
Quote of the Day -  "Music....can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable" - Leonard Bernstein




Name - Jessica Wilson
AKA- Jess
Position - Vocal Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - 1996, I was playing guitar in the womb 
Fav Music - Synth pop!
Background - Been singin’ & strummin’ my whole life, but graduated St.Clair College in Windsor, ON with a degree in Music Theatre Performance in 2017, and have been working consistently across the country in the industry ever since. Theatre is my passion, but I also gig & make my own music too (check me out on Spotify!)
Getting Personal - My favourite movie is School of Rock- that’s why I teach at a school that rocks!!!
Quote of the Day - you can be the juiciest, ripest, most delicious peach on the tree but there’s still going to be somebody that hates peaches.




Name - Loralee
AKA - Lola
Position - Piano Teacher
Rockin Since - 1982
Fav Music - Country
Backgroundstarted in the church playing piano when I was 12
Education - Bachelors Degree in Music, Masters of Education
Instruments: Piano
Getting Personal: I manage my daughter's music career...shes had 8 songs to radio and lives in Nashville where she performs daily...I basically raised her in the bars
Quote: Carpe Diem (Seize the day ... you will never regret going for something!!!)  




Name - Morgan
AKA - Moe
Position - Owner / Program Manager / Creative Innovator and Rainbow Maker
Rockin’ It Since - 2006 when I joined the Music Depot Team
Fav Music - Big Band Jazz!
Background  - I have always been around music! Ending up owning and managing a music school is just a dream come true! I played piano as a kid, but never really enjoyed it with just learning out of a book. Once I joined The Music Depot, I learned how to play a little bit of everything and then fell in love with playing the drums! I sign up for every program I can where I get to jam with the students!
Getting Personal - I cry when I am away from the students too long. It is like having 250 children that you care and worry about.
Quote of the Day - We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.



Name - Becky Crawford
AKA - Dream Encourager
Position - Scheduling Manager
Rockin’ It Since - I learned to talk, been singing my whole life!
Fav Music - How can I pick just one? But girl rockers are the pretty awesome!
Background - No training until high school vocal class then private lessons at The Music Depot with Erin. But music is in my blood, many family members have been music performers. 
Getting Personal - My first time on stage I was so scared, but with some "encouragement" from my wonderful vocal teacher and the offer to have some other awesome musicians from our school accompany, I was able to do it and continue to do it still. 
Quote of the Day - When words fail, there is music.