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“Leah has attended 2 classes, now and it’s great to see her engaging herself into music again. It’s been a tough month for these poor kids, especially having nobody to hang out with besides their parents so I’m glad that The Music Depot is trying their best to kinda bring back some normalcy with the online sessions. I witnessed Leah’s session today with Jessica and it was basically just like in person but better because Leah has the option of recording her session and being able to review and practise more on her terms. She even spent an hour in the lobby afterwards chatting with everybody which is very cool Thanx to Jack, Morgan and staff of The Music Depot for keeping the music alive!! - Tom. D

"The online learning experience from Music Depot is a great way to continue the music  lessons and it gives my kids a break from school work. It wasn't hard to sign up. We went to the homepage, the student portal and then clicked on a calendar which brought us right to Jack and Annie. It was so nice to see their faces and to watch the videos of them playing together with the other students and families. Loved it!" 
- Susan Clarke


"I was delighted for Brooke to resume voice lessons on line with Ann and find this return to routine has been such a welcome addition to our week. She looks forward to her lesson, finds it helpful and Ann continues to offer critiques, lessons and teachings as she would in her class.  She gives her things to practice and they continue to work on Strengthening her skills the next week, picking up right where they left off.  I am so thankful for the support of everyone at The Music Depot and helping to keep things as normal as possible at this unprecedented time. Thank you!" - Sharon Kay


"At first I was kind've nervous, but after my first online lesson, all those nerves went away. It's still just the same music teacher I had at the music depot. And yes, there's technical difficulties. There's new ones every lesson. But my teacher has trouble too and we figure them out together. It's really fun and worth a try." - Kolton. A


"My son and I were both hesitant about moving our lessons online as we didn't know what to expect. We decided that we would try one lesson online and if we didn't like it then we could just wait until we could go back to the school in person. We were both wrong, Music Depot made the transition easy and we still get the same quality of lessons that we do in-person. We both signed up for our weekly lessons right after we were done so that we could hold our spot. The online lessons are just as personalized and you know that they are there for you. I would 100% recommend them and if your not sure, try one lesson and you will see for yourself, you won't regret it." - Michelle. G


"Anastasia started online music lessons with Jack (guitar) and Ann (vocal) a few weeks ago. She was very hesitant to start lessons with the online format since it was so unfamiliar to her, she really wasn’t sure what to expect. She loved it after her first lesson! It was very easy to set up on the computer, and she’s had no issues  signing in for her lessons. Very user friendly program! I was so happy to be able to give her some sort of normality and regular routine through these crazy times. Jack and Ann have been wonderful with the online transition and making her as comfortable as possible. She definitely looks forward to her lessons and loves the extra guidance for the isolated melody project. A big thank you to The Music Depot for putting this together for all of us! Music is a huge part of Anastasia and I’m so happy she’s able to continue online."  - Briana. Z


"At first I was also unsure of the process and If it was something I could do or figure out.  However, my son was missing his drum lessons so much,I thought we would just give it a try. We are both so happy we did! The process was so easy. Now I set him up with his drum teacher on his tablet in his room and shut the door. Its that simple. Kaiden has his music and mommy gets 30 min of free time!" - Cynthia. G


"The first two lessons have gone well. My 11 year old daughter managed the 2nd lesson all on her own. Just have to be on line with Zoom at the scheduled time.    On the first lesson we had a minor delay as we put in the wrong pass code. After a minor delay, the lesson went forward just fine. So far we are please with the coordination and the lessons. Keep up the good work!" - Ed. T


"At first, starting online classes seemed daunting, but as soon as I enrolled, the Music Depot staff were extremely supportive. If I ever had any minor issue, they were right there to help work it out. They made it quick and easy to join my online lessons whenever I needed to. The lessons themselves were great, taught by the same experts as the in person lessons. It was like I was there in person! I would definitely recommend the online lessons to anyone who wants quality, interactive, easy to use online lessons." - Darien. G


"Erin & I have been taking online guitar & vocal lessons for last 3 weeks. Just like many of you probably are, I was a little bit nervous at first, especially working at the studio and being a customer for 5 years prior to that, I"m so used to being there in person so I wasn't sure how it was going to work and I'm honestly a little bit technologically challenged!  Well, it took me all of 5 minutes to figure it out lol, once you're registered & get your schedule, it's literally the click of button and your teacher is in front you on screen!. We look forward to our online lessons so much, it's like having your teacher right in your living room!   You have the advantage to a part of this whole new method of virtual learning, interacting & socializing from the privacy of your home.  I highly recommend everybody give it a try!!!  No better time to take advantage of being at home & using this time to get it extra practice with the guidance of your teacher, when we're able to get together again you'll all be that much better!"  - Erin and Sylvia


"Setting up music lessons online was very simple.  We contacted The Music Depot and within a few hours we had our date/time for music lessons set.  We received an email with a link which we clicked and created a password.  After that we logged into the student portal.  It was that simple…just a few steps!  Chord charts are sent by your instructor on the website which you can download or print.  Adam enjoys being able to continue his music lessons online. During his first lesson, Jack took the time to explain how the website works and how to navigate it.  The staff at The Music Depot are wonderful and willing to help you with any questions you have.  The Isolation Project information is also available on the student portal which is another great opportunity to expand your creativity and come together as musicians.  Adam thinks this is a very cool project and is really enjoying the wide variety of music he is exploring each week. The Music Depot has done an amazing job reaching out to all their students and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to continue their love of music." 
- The Saltarelli Family


"Thinking outside the box!
Greatly appreciate The Music Depot for all their efforts to modify our music lessons and adapt to our present way of living. Although a new and different way of participating in lessons the process was simple. You can install Zoom on any device and a visual on YouTube gives a step by step tutorial on how to do so. Using the online student portal is also very simple when signing in for a meeting/lesson. Re-Introducing the routine of my daughters music lesson has given her some normalcy, something to look forward to at a specific time as well as motivates her to continue with her creativity. Thank you staff at The Music Depot."

- Stephanie. P

“The music depot has always provided the best musical experience for their students, gearing the learning to each students individual goals. Both of my kids are currently participating in their live online lessons and loving it!  The platform is so easy to use and has many extra features beyond the traditional lesson. For instance their teachers record some or all of the lesson so they can play back key instructions to help while they are practicing.  In addition to the lessons there are value added features for the student, like the Isolated Melody Project. My kids feel this exercise is pushing them musically to learn a song quickly and outside of their typical genre. They have a great sense of accomplishment and community being a part of the music depot family!" - Amanda Burke 


"My experience with online classes have been a positive one. It is the exact same as FaceTime except a different app. Download Zoom enter the code given by your teacher and your up and running. It is that easy and efficient. We still have get togethers every Sunday which includes meetings, open Jam, questions, fun, etc. and you can get there with a click of your mouse! At first I wondered if this would work, but I’m getting the same if not more information as a usual in class lesson. Of course I miss our Music Family more than I could ever have imagined, but I’m grateful that Jack & Morgan are willing to keep us going thru online classes!" - Deb Bland


“Doing the online lessons is pretty great because you get to chat with your teachers again and have fun while learning. Obviously, it isn’t the same as being face to face but it’s still great and gives you some kind of stability and desire to practice. As for tech wise, sometimes that can be scary but it’s super easy to manage and learn!” - Abby. A