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Free 5 Week Practical Music Theory Program Starting Wednesday July 8/20

Free 5 Week Practical Music Theory Program Starting Wednesday July 8/20

Jack Mitchell
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In this live, online group class with with Music Depot owner Jack Mitchell, students will explore chromatic order to understand their instrument, learn about how music is written around scales and keys and understand what chords fall into play and why.

Participants should have a basic knowledge of chords and timing. Open to anyone willing to listen and learn. The ability to read a staff is not mandatory. All you need is a laptop, tablet or phone, zoom and desire to become a better musician! 
Register to receive your login information into the Music Depot student portal where you will take your lessons and receive your weekly homework. Space is limited.



With almost 40 years as a full time musician and teacher, I want to show you the the theory I use everyday in my job. The skills you need to lift a song, transpose a song or write a song. When I learned theory in a class room I hated it, until someone showed me how to use it. This little bit of knowledge can take you a long way, and help make you the musician you want to be. 
Name- Jack Mitchell
AKA - Ummm, none that I know of!
Title - Owner / Music Director / Guitar, Bass, Songwriting Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - 1979
Fav Music - Good music. I don't really care for that bad stuff.
Background - Started playing guitar in 1979 and was teaching by 1982. In 1994, I opened the Music Depot after realizing that students needed a more customized and fun environment to learn music. The rest is history. Music is my career, passion and hobby!
Getting Personal - I love sunny days and puppies. 
Quote of the Day - Everything works if you let it!


How do online music lessons work?

Online music lessons work the same way face to face lessons work, but with more perks! Students are given a login to their personal online student portals where they will find their schedule, assigned homework, upcoming projects, events and a link that will bring them to our virtual music school lobby. Once in the lobby, the online receptionist will assign them to their teacher's private teaching room where they will take their online lesson. 

How much do online lessons cost?

Private music lessons are $20.00 a week for a 30 minutes private lesson. Pay as you go on the student portal or via email transfer. No registration fees or commitment. Students will have access to all projects, virtual events, weekly music webinars. Family and Multi Lesson discounts are available. 

About The Music Depot Online

Since 1994, The Music Depot has been teaching music to students of all ages and levels! Now an online music school, we continue to create new and innovative ways to keep our music students learning and making music online that is customized to their style of music and their way of learning! Our team of fun and experienced music teachers work with students to help them learn the music they want to play and achieve their musical goals!

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