Customized online music lessons with experienced music teachers!

Private Online Piano Lessons - Free Trial with Loralee Vince

Private Online Piano Lessons - Free Trial with Loralee Vince

Loralee Vince
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Book a free 15 minute vocal lesson with Loralee Vince! No commitment or small print. 

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Students will be introduced to piano in a fun and customized learning environment, working one on one with Loralee via video chat. Students will learn to find notes on the piano, hand positions and chords! All lessons are completely customized to each student, allowing them to work towards learning songs they know and love!

About Online Lessons at The Music Depot

* Easy online student portals integrated with zoom video chat

* Fun and encouraging environment

* Affordable, pay as you go online lessons

* Lessons customized to each student

* Free online events and programs exclusive to our students

If you or your child love your free lesson, sign up for weekly private lessons with Loralee and continue to work towards your musical goals, get involved with the free programs, webinars and virtual open mics at The Music Depot Online and become the piano player that you want to be!


AKA - Lola
Position - Piano Teacher
Rockin Since - 1982
Fav Music - Country
Background - started in the church playing piano when I was 12
Education - Bachelors Degree in Music, Masters of Education
Instruments: Piano
Getting Personal: I manage my daughter's music career...shes had 8 songs to radio and lives in Nashville where she performs daily...I basically raised her in the bars
Quote of the Day: Carpe Diem (Seize the day ... you will never regret going for something!!!)  



How do online music lessons work?

Online music lessons work the same way face to face lessons work, but with more perks! Students are given a login to their personal online student portals where they will find their schedule, assigned homework, upcoming projects, events and a link that will bring them to our virtual music school lobby. Once in the lobby, the online receptionist will assign them to their teacher's private teaching room where they will take their online lesson. 

How much do online lessons cost?

Private music lessons are $20.00 a week for a 30 minutes private lesson. Pay as you go on the student portal or via email transfer. No registration fees or commitment. Students will have access to all projects, virtual events, weekly music webinars. Family and Multi Lesson discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.

About The Music Depot Online

Since 1994, The Music Depot has been teaching music to students of all ages and levels! Now an online music school, we continue to create new and innovative ways to keep our music students learning and making music online that is customized to their style of music and their way of learning! Our team of fun and experienced music teachers work with students to help them learn the music they want to play and achieve their musical goals!

Please contact us for more information.