Customized online music lessons with experienced music teachers!

Private Online Vocal Lessons with Ann Singer

Private Online Vocal Lessons with Ann Singer

Annie Singer
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Weekly online vocal lessons with Ann Singer

Students will be introduced to singing in a fun and customized learning environment, working one on one with Annie every week. Students will learn exercises and techniques to improve tone, breathing, diction and ear training using songs they want to learn!

Additional free projects, virtual open mics and webinars are available to all Music Depot students to help them feel a sense of accomplishment and work towards a goal!


Name - Ann Singer Brillon 
AKA - Annie
Position - Vocal Teacher
Rockin’ It Since - I was 5
Fav Music - anything that moves me!!
Background - It's all about experience! Been performing live since before I can remember!
Bands: Gatorbait, Turnaround, Max Hillier Band, Ann Singer Band
Getting Personal - I love reading and oatmeal
Quote of the Day - Everything will be better than you think! 

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How do online music lessons work?

Online music lessons work the same way face to face lessons work, but with more perks! Students are given a login to their personal online student portals where they will find their schedule, assigned homework, upcoming projects, events and a link that will bring them to our virtual music school lobby. Once in the lobby, the online receptionist will assign them to their teacher's private teaching room where they will take their online lesson. 

How much do online lessons cost?

Private music lessons are $20.00 a week for a 30 minutes private lesson. Pay as you go on the student portal or via email transfer. No registration fees or commitment. Students will have access to all projects, virtual events, weekly music webinars. Family and Multi Lesson discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.